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Where to begin? Well, when a man and woman love each other…


”wah wah.” To which the doctor slapped my butt and said, “IT’S A BOY!”


Then I thought: I like to draw; I like to make things look aesthetically intriguing; I like to challenge the norms; I’m going to be a graphic designer…


So 2008 was the year. The year I took to the streets and began peddling my services. I was a t-shirt designer. I was a poster designer. I was an “anything” designer. 


I hustled my way into a contract with a local print shop, where the work was exciting and SO random. One job was to scan a photo and type happy birthday on it, and the next was to design an entire typeface for a Seamstress down the street.


Now, I can’t help but laugh at some of the work I did, but I saw the huge potential and I needed more. I just needed to perfect my craft. 


I found an intense Graphic Design program - top 10 nationally ranked and minutes from my pillow. It offered me a foundation, history, love, respect, and tools to take my skills to the next level. 


so…I did that. No sleep. Tons of coffee and energy drinks. Tears. Broken pencils. Paper cuts. So many tears. 


My right of passage came near the end of my insomnia when a non-profit with a mission to beautify Flint, MI took me on as an intern, designing for their first monumental event. This gave me a real look into what this whole graphic design “thing” could be, as the jobs took on a beautifully orchestrated cohesiveness that I hadn’t been exposed to during my prepubescent-design years. 


Accolades from the founder and Marketing Director of the non-profit helped me land a graphic designer role with a brewing company in Tucson, AZ. My skills were quickly appreciated. So much that for the 3 years I was employed, the brewing co. and its sister company fought over who had the more important project for me to work on. 


During the constant juggling back and forth, I picked up on other nuances and opportunities that were unattended - opportunities to advertise with publishers and organizations, new beer styles to consider, audiences to capture, in-house presence to clean up, and an opportunity to create a lifestyle & community brand.


Needless to say, the Graphic Design position didn’t last. No, after a year I grew into a fine young Marketing MANager, and a new interest sprouted into my vision.

MAN (young man)

My freelance work expanded to graphic design AND...

My services no longer stopped at the design.


I began offering recommendations for follow up projects, offering plans to bring together other work to be more cohesive, and asking questions about the direction of “the brand” and if it's in alignment.


This was my passion the whole time. Sometimes you just can’t see, until you see. You see?

MAN with a SOUL

For the last 3-4 years and nearly every project has been introduced by communicating an element of graphic design, but every project has evolved into marketing strategy and focuses on how the brand is communicated. 


The idea of the brand has become more than a passion. It’s the whole experience…the brand experience has grown into another sense, a conscious, a soul.


I mean, just look at my name…Brandon

#hiddenmessages #decode #fate

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